LIPOINJECT Intralipotherapy Needle 24G X 100 Mm


Getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat is a challenge even with rigorous diet and exercise. While we concentrate on losing weight, the ideal weight does not always give us the body shape we want:

localized lumps of fat over the hips, chin, and lower tummy persist and may be difficult to remove because of genetics. Also, with weight loss, our fat cells often shrink but don’t reduce in number. With calorie surplus, these cells store fat and enlarge.

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Intralipotherapy Needles

Intralipotherapy was invented specifically for targeting stubborn fat pockets with a minimum invasion. It is indicated to erase fat safely, quickly, and effectively, especially because the fat cells cannot reform again once dissolved.

The lymphatic system works to eliminate the fat from the body. When normal exercise and diet cannot help to burn off the excess fat, Intralipotherapy is a trusted method to help you achieve the perfect body contour. Possible treatment areas include the abdomen, hips, thighs, double chin, saddlebags, inner side of the knee.


LIPOINJECT Intralipotherapy needles are specifically designed for the Intralipotherapy procedure.

After marking the areas with unwanted fat deposits, the skin is disinfected and Aqualyx is injected with a LIPOINJECT needle directly into the fat tissue. Intralipotherapy Needles

The LIPOINJECT needle penetrates and injects the solution directly in ALL layers of the fat tissue, thus the fat tissue is destroyed more thoroughly while all the other methods of injection lipolysis ( i.e. fat tissue dissolution) use a short 13 mm needle.

Such a needle is unable to penetrate the deeper layers of fat tissue, so only the superficial fat layers get affected. This is precisely why Itralipotherapy is considered the most efficient method of dissolving fat cells.

Guarantees patients’ pain-free treatment, owing to its fine size and easy penetration, LIPOINJECT Intralipotherapy needles are suitable for treating large areas of the body just in one session.

LIPOINJECT Intralipotherapy needles manufactured using premium quality German steel.


Gauge size: 24 Gauge.

Length: 100 mm.

Note: Sterile packaging.

Indications: Suitable for Intralipotherapy treatment of larger areas. Ideal for use with Aqualyx.

LIPOINJECT Intralipotherapy needles are made in Italy by Marllor Biomedical.

Intralipotherapy Needles

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