CURACEN INJECTION is a highly effective mesotherapy drug, which is obtained from the human placenta. It is used to normalize the metabolism in tissues and achieve general rejuvenation.

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Curacen Injection Online

CURACEN INJECTION is a highly effective mesotherapy drug, which is obtained from human placenta. It is used to normalize the metabolism in tissues and achieve general rejuvenation.

CURACEN INJECTION is manufactured using JBP’s unique technologies, which ensure 100% safety of drugs. JBP (Japan Bio Products) Company is engaged in the production of human placenta extract for 40 years. Its share of the placenta injection market is about 80%.

CURACEN is a specialized biological product. It includes a number of unique active substances, extracted from the human placenta. Curacen Injection

It has a wide range of indications. Placenta extract is used in gynecology, dermatology, urology, and other medical fields.

Customers, who buy CURACEN INJECTION on Anna’s Cosmetics, generally use this product to achieve such improvements, as:

Improve the function of organs including the skin (largest organ);
Provide rejuvenating and anti-aging effects over the skin and soft tissues;
Smooth out wrinkles and strengthen the facial contour;
Restore and support hair growth;
Treat signs of menopause.
CURACEN INJECTION valued by my clients for its high ability to penetrate the skin and the following effects:

Increased collagen production;
Stimulation of cell reproduction;
Anti-oxidative activity.
CURACEN is introduced subcutaneously. The usual dose for adults is 2 ml of solution (1 ampoule) 3 times a week, for 2 weeks.

This method provides the fastest possible clinical and aesthetic impact. The dosage can be changed, based on your cosmetic goals.

As a rule, human placenta injections are not prone to causing side effects. Sometimes, bruising and redness occur at the injection site and disappear quickly.

If you want to use the human placenta extract, which is administered through microinjections, read my review about Curacen Essence.

If you are willing to buy CURACEN INJECTION or another placenta extract for rejuvenation, welcome to Anna’s Cosmetics. I offer the most popular specialized biological products from Japan, manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality standards.

Choose the best mesotherapy products for true and natural skin revitalization. You can’t go back in time, yet your skin can.


Volume & Packaging: 50 x 2 ml ampoules.

Ingredients: Extract of human placenta.

Recommended Dose: depends on an indication. Contact me for protocol information.

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature.

CURACEN INJECTION is manufactured by Japan Bio Products!.

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