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Teosyal Deep Lines is a dermal filler made of non-animal, non-pyrogenic.

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Buy Teosyal Deep Online

Buy TEOSYAL® DEEP online LINES is a dermal filler made of non-animal, non-pyrogenic, and viscoelastic reticulated hyaluronic acid. This product can be used to correct many signs of aging and viscoelastic reticulated hyaluronic acid.

This product can be used to correct many signs of aging, including deep facial wrinkles, creases, and deep lines. It may also be used to augment the cheeks in order to return to their youthful shape.

here can I get this product?
Buy TEOSYAL® DEEP online LINES is an injectable filler that is conveniently available for purchase from

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Product Information

What does this product come with?
Each packaging of Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines comes with 2 prefilled syringes containing 1 ml of the product, 4-27G½” sterile needles, traceability labels for patient and doctor, and the product insert.

What are the benefits of this product?
This filler provides volume for the skin and can help fixes lines and wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, in the facial area.

It can also help contour the cheeks and jawline and enhance the lips via the addition of volume. Buy Teosyal Deep Online 

What is the difference between TEOSYAL® DEEP LINES and Teosyal Deep Lines?
The difference between Teosyal Deep Lines and Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines is that the latter has Lidocaine, while the former does not.

This addition of Lidocaine, an anesthetic, in Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines reduces the discomfort of patients during the injection procedure.

What is this product made of?
Sodium hyaluronate (also known as hyaluronic acid) is the active ingredient of Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines. Additional ingredients include Lidocaine hydrochloride and phosphate buffer solution pH 7.3.

How does this work to help my patients?
Teosyal PureSense Deep Line’s beneficial effects can be attributed to its hyaluronic acid, which attracts and retains moisture within the skin. This, in turn, creates volume in the skin that can fill in wrinkles and lines.

The volumizing capabilities of hyaluronic acid also make Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines optimal for contouring the jawline and cheeks. Additionally, the Lidocaine in this substance helps reduce patient pain and discomfort during the injection procedure.

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